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 russel & kuya jhon......

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marina dato

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russel & kuya jhon...... Empty
PostSubject: russel & kuya jhon......   russel & kuya jhon...... Icon_minitimeFri Sep 18, 2009 4:26 am

i am agree with russel & kuya jhon... because now a days, people are depending on technology(computer).. it is easy to get information just clicking and "BANG you will already get what you want... for example:internet VS books..(if your teacher will give you an assignment you can easily search it into the internet just a click of your hand and then it can easily process, not just that but also you can get many info and you can choose the best answer while/unlike in the books sometimes you will not get the complete answer because there is a missing part and etc.)... see what is the advantage of technology to us as a student....?.. it is really a good opportunity for us to have this kind of learning, it develops the part that can make us learn easily.. santa bounce I love you Laughing .......
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russel & kuya jhon......
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